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Keep your fleet’s value up-to-date

Continually adjust and keep your fleet’s value up-to-date, however diverse.  Autovista Reforecast enables you to manage your current and future risk by continually tracking and reforecasting the value of your fleet regularly.

  • Benefits

    • Independent and up-to-date  valuations
    • Transparent and accurate residual value information lets you reduce your exposure to risk
    • Forecast or reforecast your car or LCV fleet in one step
    • Monitor your asset value continually
    • Gives you greater transparency on you current and future value
    • Gives you an independent and objective basis for discussions with shareholders and financial institutions
  • Features

    • Continuous tracking and reforecasting residual values
    • Sophisticated reforecast calculation on a car by car basis
    • Regional coverage
    • Clear and detailed reports with ability to conduct further analysis yourself
    • Choice of information including trade vs retail, tax inclusion/exclusion
    • Detailed visibility of various options and adjustments
    • Includes the impact of inflation
    • Flexible and fast
    • Delivered by e-mail or CD